For over 20 years we’ve helped technology manufacturers, distributors, VARS, and Professional Service Providers to become market leaders; to double or triple in size; to run like well-oiled machines; to put their best foot forward.







“You and your amazing group of associates have exposed our company to professional and creative ideas that we will be benefitting from for years to come. Please accept my sincere thanks for all you and your company have accomplished through your efforts to improve our image.”

Founder / Chairman, National AV/IT Integration Company

We’re passionate about uniting tech-centric people and helping them to be their very best, on every front.

We’re pragmatic, systematic, and well-rounded AV/IT/AEC veterans. Our collective strength in marketing, communications, technical writing, operational process, project management, technology design and integration, and business leadership lets us deliver robust strategies for success. Our fulfillment team comprises incredibly talented designers, digital developers, video and graphic artists, content creators, and technology specialists, all of whom are thoughtful and resourceful, often bringing new ideas to the table for even greater outcomes.

We’re proud of what we do for aspiring companies; of our breadth of talent, teamwork, and of how quickly we become an invaluable long-term resource. Please explore what we do — perhaps you’ll be our next success story!


Cynthia Oliver, CTS
Lead Consultant, Managing Director

CDL Consulting, Inc., is led by Cynthia Oliver, CTS, a versatile C-suite collaborator who has spent 20 years guiding the transformation of technology organizations. Since 1992 she has consulted with both established and start-up AV/IT, manufacturing, distribution, and service companies to implement dynamic programs that boost enterprise performance and market leadership.

Ms. Oliver is a systems thinker and thoughtful listener with acclaimed expertise in Technology, Operations, Communications, and Marketing practices. She has a talent for identifying issues, honing strategies, and building solutions that renew brands, cohere teams, reduce costs, and fuel productivity. With cross-functional insight, she has helped dozens of businesses to overcome growing pains and become the best version of themselves.

What clients say about us:

“Sincerely, thank you for all you do for us… and the smile you always show us. I am very impressed with you, and your integrity, and proud to have you on board with us as we grow.”

Chief Operating Officer, AV/IT Managed Services Provider